The following are required to secure the booking:

1. Completion of booking form.

After you have completed the booking form & emailed this form back to me, I will send it to you via Signable for electronic signature

2. Payment of booking fee –

Payment is made by bank transfer to:

Sonya Smith Photography
Account number: 69743889
Sort Code: 608371

Terms and Conditions

1. Booking fee

To secure the booking, a non-refundable booking fee is to be paid when the client is sent a booking form via Signable for online signature. The remaining balance (the full value of any images / products / collections purchased) is payable after the shoot before images / products are put into production. Failure to pay the booking fee nulls and voids this contract and the booking.

2. Client Confidentiality

The photographer will keep confidential any information communicated to her in confidence for the purposes of the photography, except where it is reasonably necessary to enable the photographer to carry out her obligations in relation to the commission.

3. Session length

‘Capture your Clan’ sessions will last for a maximum of 2 hours. Many shoots can be completed in under 1 hour, although clients are advised to block out 2 hours from their schedule to take account of unexpected client delays.

4. Special requests and photographic coverage

The client understands and accepts that the photographer will exercise her professional expertise, judgment and artistic licence in the choice of photographs taken, and that although every effort will be made to honour the client’s special requests for specific photographs, delivery of such requested photographs may not always be possible, especially where children are under 4 years of age.

5. Attendees

Attendance at photo sessions is limited to those individuals being photographed, as listed on the booking form. Please do not bring personal assistants, nannies, caregivers, friends or grandparents to your session if they are not part of the photo shoot as it is very distracting to both the photographer and, more importantly, to those being photographed.

6. Responsibility for children

All children remain the sole responsibility of parents/caregivers at all times. The photographer’s attention will be focused on the photography and camera equipment so cannot be relied upon to ensure the safety of minors at any time.

7. Images

The photographer will keep copies of the images for no more than one year after the date of the shoot; it is therefore imperative that clients make their own back up arrangements to safeguard the long-term security of the files. Further orders may be made at any time throughout that year.

8. Copyright

Copyright in all photographs (and associated materials) is retained by the photographer at all times. All images, copies of images or printed documentation relating to such images are protected by the Copyright and Design Act 1988. It is contrary to the Act to copy (or allow to be copied) an image or document created as part of this contract without the permission of the photographer in writing. Digital files remain the property of the photographer, and any images may be used for the photographer’s personal promotion, including websites, blogs, business cards, portfolios, editorial, literature, exhibitions, competitions and advertising. No commercial use is made of images except with the written permission of the client.

9. Model Release

The client grants the photographer the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of the clients and/or any other photographic subjects for the photographer’s personal promotion, including but not limited to websites, business cards, portfolios, literature, exhibitions, competitions and advertising.

10. Travel expenses

All travel expenses within a 15 mile radius of M33 are included in the session fee. Outside this, mileage is charged at 45p per mile for car travel.

11. Cancellation by client

The client may cancel this booking at any time by giving written notice to the photographer, but in doing so shall invariably forfeit the session fee.

12. Postponement by client

You may reschedule the shoot if necessary, provided you give at least 48 hours’ notice so that your session time can be made available to other clients, although I ask that you limit rescheduling to one time only.

13. Postponement of shoot due to inclement weather

Outdoor shoots can only take place during dry weather, and in the event of rain will need to be rescheduled. Every effort will be made to secure a new mutually convenient date as soon as possible.

14. Post-production

Post-production will be carried out on the images to achieve Sonya Smith photography’s signature editing style. The final set will be a mixture of colour and black & white. Each image will be supplied in either colour or black & white, using Sonya Smith Photography’s artistic discretion as to which version looks best. Up to 3 images can be re-edited to show the alternative version (B&W/colour) free of charge; further images are at a cost of £5 per image. Beauty retouching to amend the physical appearance of individuals, clothing or location is not part of my natural photographic style and approach and is not included in the price.

15. Orders

All orders for images / products / collections must be confirmed and paid for within 7 days of the gallery being published, after which the gallery will be closed. The gallery can be made live for extended periods at a fee of £35 per additional week.

16. Products

Due to the custom nature of the products and services, all sales are final once received. Items cannot be returned or exchanged. You may add on to your order at any time, but a sale is considered final at the time it is made.

17. Photographer cancellation and limitation of liability

If the photographer must cancel the contract due to reasons beyond her control (e.g. death, injury, sickness, force majeure), or in the unlikely event of a total photographic or transport failure, including equipment malfunction or any loss or damage beyond the photographer’s control, the liability of the photographer shall be limited to a full refund of all monies paid, including the booking fee. Digital images are backed up to a range of separate storage media to guard against digital loss and reserve equipment is on hand during the shoot in case of breakage or equipment failure. However, there exists the unlikely possibility that images may be lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed for reasons beyond the photographer’s control. The photographer will not be liable for indirect or consequential loss and the client agrees that the photographer is not responsible for any damages, emotional or otherwise. The photographer has full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

I have read this contract and agree to abide by its terms. I understand that the terms set out in this booking form constitute the total agreement made between the client(s) and photographer, and that no amendments to this contract will be effective unless agreed by both parties in writing.

Having someone document your own work is always a daunting experience, but Sonya was fantastic in the space; she immediately understood the aesthetic and worked with me to capture the sense of the show beautifully. Sonya’s photographs were able to elevate my show and they have been of such benefit when approaching touring venues as a way of presenting the performance for the next stage of the work

- Wayne Steven Jackson (‘And Here I Find Myself’ Lowry Theatre, Salford)