Family Photography

The little things that mean everything, the magic in simple family moments, the unique characters and connections…each family has these in bucketloads but can’t always see them as they’re deep
in the thick of it all, firefighting the craziness of family life!

I feel so privileged to be able to capture this moment in time and show you just how incredible you are before you blink and everything changes again. Whatever shape or form your family takes… on the brink of becoming new parents, in the newborn bubble or in the throngs of life with teenagers, it means the world to me to be able to fix memories
in frames for you.

Click below to find out how I can capture your clan with my maternity, newborn and family shoots. I can’t wait to show you how magic you are.

I think the images are beautiful and dreamlike but full of reality too. Sometimes I think I wish I’d brushed my hair on that one – but that’s what it’s really like: shoes in the hallway, crumbs under the table, some slightly snotty kisses on the sofa, unbrushed hair. I love them.

- Lucy T