About Me

Oh hello! I’m Sonya… story lover, people-watcher, music addict, people photographer and mum of two.

Sonya Smith Photography

I love capturing people doing what they do; whether that’s a pizza chef spinning some dough, an adventurous child climbing a tree or a performer giving their all on stage. I’m always so chuffed when I’m invited to tell their stories..be it a family’s story with all its magical unique relationships or that of a small independent business and all the characters behind the brand.

As a mum, I can’t help but notice the magic in simple family moments; the super tight cuddles, the giggles, the sticky fingers, and even the strops – which let’s be honest can be the tiniest bit funny! It is extra special when I can capture these fleeting moments on camera so they are not quite so fleeting after all.

My house is noisy! Music is a big part of our lives. I play trumpet and keyboards in a covers band which is a LOT of fun! It also means duets with my trombone playing son, belting out Robyn songs in the kitchen with my pop-mad daughter and mixing tunes for our home discos. These times always put huge smiles on our faces, perhaps not so true for my neighbours!

Quiet moments can be wonderful too. I love a cup of tea and sneaking off with a good book. Snuggling up and reading to my kids at the end of the day is still my favourite thing to do – don’t tell my 10 year old’s friends that though please, he’d never live it down! I feel so lucky to have these special moments in my own family and to be able to capture them in other people’s families is honestly an honour.

With my two (not so) little ones already at school I see how this precious time is whizzing by. I desperately want to capture this time with my clan before I blink and it’s all changed again. To be able to do this for other families is a gift and a total privilege. Fixing memories in frames means the world to me.

Thank you Sonya for giving us a great experience, while providing us with a collection of some amazing pictures from a different perspective and eye that were only possible with your involvement.

- William – Mano a Bocca, Pizzeria, Sale