Maternity and Newborn Photography

One of the biggest moments in the lives of any family has to be the arrival of a new member!

Everyone knows how significant it is, but it’s so easy for it all to pass you by in a crazy flurry of midwife appointments, nappy changes, baby feeding and sleepless nights.

Making time to fix your memories of this time in frames is a gift, not just to future you, but also to your kids in years to come.

Maternity and newborn photoshoots that take place at home give them a glimpse of how life looked just before and after they made their big entrance!

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I think the images are beautiful and dreamlike but full of reality too. Sometimes I think I wish I’d brushed my hair on that one – but that’s what it’s really like: shoes in the hallway, crumbs under the table, some slightly snotty kisses on the sofa, unbrushed hair. I love them.

- Lucy T