All The Family

Whatever shape or form your family takes… be it in the newborn bubble, under the rule of tyrannical toddlers or in the throngs of life with teenagers, I feel so lucky to be able to capture this moment in time before you blink and everything changes again. Fixing memories in frames means the world to me.

Click below to find out how I can capture your clan, with my shoots of all the family. I can’t wait to show you how magic you are.

How It Works

Sonya Smith Photography


You would love to have beautiful photos of your clan where you are IN the photos too! Pictures that capture the magic of now, before you blink and it all changes again.

You want photos to fill your walls, instead of filling your phone.

You worry that the hundreds of photos that fill your phone today will be lost, and you will have nothing to look back on or share from this special time.

You want albums to cherish through the years and for all your family to look back on in decades to come.

Sonya Smith Photography


I will come to your home, or any special place you choose, where we will spend an hour or two, hanging out… no lights, no backdrops, no posing, no bossing. Just you and your wonderful gang, being your wonderful selves.

I love photographing families living naturally, as this is when the magic happens! We can shoot some slightly more posed group shots too, if that is something you (or the grandparents!) would like.

There is always plenty of time for little breaks, tantrums, feeds and snacks. Or even, all of the snacks, all of the time (or is that just my kids?), so please relax if your kid needs a break. It’s no problem. I get it.

Within two weeks of our shoot, I will share a password protected web gallery and a slide show of images with you. There are usually at least seventy images.

The gallery is available for seven days, in which time you can view and choose which of my collections you would like to order. Collections include options for digital files, prints, and albums to make sure you get these special memories off the computer and up on the wall or in an album.

Want a few more prints, digital images or albums than your chosen collection offers? No problem, additional prints or products can be ordered as add ons to one of my five product collections.

Sonya Smith Photography


Midweek shoots start from £70.
Weekend shoots start from £120.

This includes your family photo shoot fee, editing and presentation of images in a private web gallery, available to view for 7 days.

Please note:
The shoot fee does not include any digital images or prints.

After viewing your images, select one of the collections I offer which start at £150. There are lots of options for digital images, professional quality prints and albums.

Please get in touch for my brochure which includes my prices or drop me a message for help figuring out which collection suits you best.

You’d love a beautiful, handmade album of your photos? Absolutely! I love them too, and I am super excited when I get to create them.

Sonya Smith Photography


Weekdays, weekends, mornings, afternoons. Whatever works best for you and your family. And no, you don’t need to wait until you’ve decorated the kitchen, de cluttered the front room, or your kid’s wonky DIY fringe has grown out, because while you’re waiting, the moment is passing by!

Remember that the craziness of home right now, is my speciality. These are exactly the details which bring on heaps of vivid nostalgia in years to come!

Sonya Smith Photography


Home, or anywhere special to your family, or even a combination of the two.

I love capturing families in their own homes full of the tiny markers of life right now; the toys, the chaos, the cosy reading corners… home.

Outside adventures are also tons of fun and brilliant for seeing kids at their most animated.

For new-born babies, I always recommend photo shoots at home where they can keep nice and cosy.

For older children, time at home paired with time in a local place personal to you can work really well.

I’m based in the Greater Manchester area and am happy to travel further afield for some extra travel costs.

Sonya Smith Photography


Get in touch for a brochure. Here, I explain more about how a shoot works and pricing options for beautiful prints to fill your walls, albums to cherish through the generations, or digital files for you to print again and again for grannies, grandads, aunties, uncles, friends… you get the idea!

I’d love to come hang out with you, and capture memories for your clan. Please do get in touch, before you blink and everything changes again!

I think the images are beautiful and dreamlike but full of reality too. Sometimes I think I wish I’d brushed my hair on that one – but that’s what it’s really like: shoes in the hallway, crumbs under the table, some slightly snotty kisses on the sofa, unbrushed hair. I love them.

- Lucy T