Two women smiling and laughing while painting pots in a modern, colourful art cafe

Why you Don’t Need to Take the Day Off to have a Business Photo Shoot!

So you’ve got a small business and your days are packed! Super busy juggling all the hundreds of jobs your work involves and a never ending to do list?

But you’ve had something lurking on that to do list for quite some time now that you know needs tackling but you don’t know how you’ll ever find the time?

I’m betting it’s something to do with updating your photography and marketing?

Hand drawn Window sign of Bean and Brush family art cafe

You know that some professional, creative and storytelling photography could really help your business stand out online but you think you just can’t take a day off to have a business shoot?

Women with baby look at art cafe shelves full of ceramic bowls and plates

Well the good news is you really don’t need to!

My laidback business photo shoots are all about telling the story behind your business.

Woman selects paints from colourful paint bar in family art cafe on business photo shoot

Showing the characters and unique personalities behind the brand who make it so much more than just a business. Helping you to show your customers so much more than just your  products or services.

Woman with pink hair paints a ceramic cup in a family art cafe

To do this I really want to capture you doing what you do best and that means you can just get on with your day while I grab the pictures that tell your story!

Family making hand imprints in family art cafe

While you’re busy at work..whether that is in a bustling cafe or teaching a fitness class..I come along with my camera and do my best to keep out of the way!

Man serves two women coffee while they paint cups in a bright family art cafe on a business photo shoot

I make sure I get some really beautiful and useful images that will really help you stand out amongst all your competition and give you that desperately needed update of your website and social media that you have been putting off for quite some time!

Woman working in cafe kitchen collects plates of food ready to be served in family art cafe

I recently was invited by Michelle and Graham, owners of Bean and Brush art cafe in Sale, to come along to their gorgeous new premises in Stanley Square to take some images to show off their new home.

Table with paint brushes, easel, drinks shot from above in family art cafe on business photo shoot

They were both super busy in their bustling cafe but I was able to hang out in there with my camera and capture so many aspects of their creative, friendly business while they got on with their work!

Barista in bright family art cafe making coffee at a coffee machine

I absolutely loved being in this lively spot and was able to capture their super friendly team chatting with and serving customers, busily preparing food and drinks and helping to create art work.

Woman high fives baby in family art cafe on business photo shoot

I was able to take some really useful images of their new interior with customers using the space and grabbed a couple of minutes to take a quick portrait of Michelle and Graham at the front door of the cafe.

Cafe owners standing at door of their art cafe premises smiling at camera portrait

All in all, Michelle and Graham now have a wonderful bunch of varied images that really tell the story behind their creative, friendly, wonderful business and they didn’t even need to take the day off to do it!

Chef stirs pot of stew wearing chef whites and apron in large professional kitchen

Paint pots and brushes on a shelf against a colourful wall in a family art cafe on a business photo shoot

Want me to help tell the story behind your business with one of my laidback shoots (without even having to take the day off!)?

Download a brochure now and finally tick off ‘update photography and marketing’ from your to do list!

Sonya’s so lovely and just takes time to understand what you want from the shoot and endeavours to get it for you. The photos I got were fantastic- really good quality. Through the photos, she managed to really captured the business and get my culture across to the viewer. Would totally recommend her. To have some fresh images to brighten my social channels and my website has been brilliant. I’ve even pulled some together to create a promotional reel which has got some amazing engagement.

- Becca – These Mums Do Fitness