Why on Earth would I want a Maternity Photoshoot?!

So, you are pregnant. Congratulations!

Everyone is telling you to ‘treasure this exciting time’ and telling you their own pregnancy and birth stories  (often a bit too much information thanks) all while happily discussing every lump, bump, bend and curve of your body (how someone’s body suddenly becomes an acceptable conversation matter when you are pregnant I will never know!) And if you’re really lucky they keep touching you!

You feel a bit uncomfortable, you’ve got heartburn all the time and you’re generally knackered so why on earth would you want loads of photos taken of you right now?


Because if you don’t, you will really wish that you had.



During my own two pregnancies I seemed to manage to avoid cameras at all times unless I was behind them taking pictures.

The thought of making sure I captured this massively significant time in mine and my family’s lives just didn’t occur to me…during my first pregnancy all eyes were on the future and baby’s arrival. During my second pregnancy, all eyes were on the little one I was already busy with.

Fast forward six years and I have a little girl who is always asking me what I looked like when she ‘was in my tummy’. This is all I have to show her…

It’s a picture that will always make me laugh… an excited little kid peeping out from behind a bizarre flesh coloured dome with no body attached!

A grainy phone selfie that isn’t even clearly of a pregnant person..never mind me! It really isn’t what my little girl was hoping to see though when she asked what I looked like when she was ‘in my tummy’!

I so wish I had taken the time to have some pictures taken to capture that time just before my little ones arrived and life changed forever. The excitement, anticipation and nerves! The amazing changing body. Something special to show my kids when they ask and to show them how life was before they made their big arrival. Something for me to look back on from that time that is already so hard to remember.

Maternity photographs taken at home capture this incredible moment in yours and your family’s lives and fix it in a frame…just before everything changes for ever. That is why on earth you would want a maternity photo shoot! They are so worth while.

If you want to make sure the only maternity photo you end up with to show your kids isn’t a grainy bump selfie like mine, then pop to my maternity and newborn photography page where you can download a brochure to find out more about how the photo shoots work. You will also find my prices in the brochure, including a special maternity and newborn photoshoot bundle offer;

Sonya put us at ease during the photoshoot and captured us looking so natural and relaxed. The photos far exceeded our expectations and I get emotional everytime I look at them! Sonya’s photos so beautifully capture our two year old girl and our lovely family moments. We will cherish them forever.

- Emma G