Why it is so important to print your images!

Last week I had a bit of a business hiccup.

A corrupt hard drive…(the words no one wants to hear!)..turns out that rugged drive wasn’t quite so rugged after all and the drop from a massive height of 1 metre was more than it could bear!

Luckily nothing was lost as everything I shoot is always backed up to 3 different places. BUT it just reminded me why IT’S SO IMPORTANT TO PRINT YOUR IMAGES!


Leaving them trapped on phones or hard drives where they can be lost or corrupt, those special memories and moments are so vulnerable!  How many of us have got precious baby photos, holiday snaps and first day at school photos lurking in slightly dodgy digital hiding places? Scattered across old phones and computers?


Let’s get them up on the wall or in an album to love and treasure for years to come! Surrounding yourself with memories that will make you smile every day is a gift to you and your family.



Make sure your family photos final resting place isn’t a corrupt hard drive.

Don’t let our kids be the generation with childhoods that are constantly photographed but ultimately forgotten!


Pop to my main site to download a family brochure where you can find more about the beautiful prints and albums I offer..I’d love to help make sure your family memories are cherished, not forgotten.

We’ve been captured as our true selves and the moments we share each and every day.  I can’t recommend Sonya enough. The photos are so precious.

- Claire R