Branding Shoot with Becca of ‘These Mums Do’

As a massive part of the Sale community, I was really chuffed to be invited by Becca of ‘These Mums Do’ to tag along and photograph one of her post natal fitness classes in Worthington Park this week.

Becca is a personal trainer who helps loads of women in Trafford to keep fit with her super popular group sessions ranging from post natal fitness classes in the park (with babies in tow in their prams!) to women’s only run clubs, with 1:1 fitness training and regular zoom sessions thrown in too!

Woman stretching arms

‘These Mums do’ classes and run clubs provide so much more than just fitness training and the chance to achieve fitness goals though..they are a really supportive, fun and friendly environment for women to get together; often creating new friendships and a support network at a time when it is so needed, such as navigating life as a new mum or when new to the area.

In recognition of her role in the community, Becca was recently selected as one of the ‘Let’s do this’ Manchester Icons ahead of the Great Manchester Run next month, an honour which found her own image projected onto electronic billboards in Manchester, including the huge one in Piccadilly Gardens!

exercise class with women in park

During my time tagging along at the post natal class there was such a warm, friendly atmosphere between the mums and Becca, I really think that comes through in the images. There was plenty of chat and the feeling that this was a most welcome chance for mums of new little babies to get together. Becca never forgot the youngest members of the class though, helping to keep the babies entertained in their prams and rocking grizzly babies prams back and forth so mums could keep exercising..all whilst managing to demonstrate the next set of exercises in each circuit!

After grabbing a few useful detail shots of exercise equipment at the end of the class, I had a few minutes to capture some laidback headshots of Becca for use in promoting the constantly growing business. Then it was time for Becca to rush off to her next session..this time a local 1:1 session at a client’s home.

Woman in fitness class in park smiling

Becca was kind enough to answer a few of my questions so you can read a little bit more about her and ‘These Mums Do’ below.

Your name

Becca Broadbent

Your Business Name

These Mums Do

What do you do?

Personal trainer specialising in getting Mums back into fitness through 1:1 and group sessions and via a womens only  running club

Fitness Class in the Park

How are you different?!

Women only and specialise in everything from post natal fitness upwards

What three words would you use to describe your business?




Woman smiling in exercise class in park sunshine

How do your days look?


From classes to 1:1 sessions and then run club – I cram a lot into the 3 days I work

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Helping women achieve things they never dreamt possible

How did you come up with the name for your company?

Due to the community I’ve built, it’s all about women doing it together – these mums can do anything

Fitness class with women in park

How many employees do you have?


I’ve two run leaders and have recently started working with another PT who’s running some classes under my brand

What made you choose your company’s location?

It’s where I live!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? (Business or otherwise!)

Treat everyone how you’d like to be treated

What are you most grateful for?

The opportunity to help other people

Where do you find inspiration?

From people mainly. I’ve been able to grow and develop to give people what they want from me and the business

What do you do for fun?

I love to run (obvs!) but I love going out with friends and eating nice food and drinking too much Prosecco

Hopes for the future?

To continue to grow and develop and give the ladies of Trafford what they want

What’s the one tune that will always get you on the dance floor?

Ha – there’s a few but guaranteed is Mr Brightside by the Killers

woman smiling in the park

Thanks so much Becca!

Fancy getting fit with Becca and making some new friends along the way? You can find These Mums do and details of classes online here, on Instagram and on Facebook.

If you think I could help let the character of you and your business shine through with a branding shoot, I’d love to hear from you, just pop to my main website , Instagram or Facebook.



I think the images are beautiful and dreamlike but full of reality too. Sometimes I think I wish I’d brushed my hair on that one – but that’s what it’s really like: shoes in the hallway, crumbs under the table, some slightly snotty kisses on the sofa, unbrushed hair. I love them.

- Lucy T