Two men laughing in a meeting in a pizzeria on a laidback photo shoot

5 Reasons you need a laidback, creative branding shoot for your business

Hello there fellow small business owner!!

Do you keep wondering if you should bother getting some professional photos for your business?

Not quite sure if you really need it?

Convincing yourself you can save yourself some money and do a decent enough job with your phone camera and the odd selfie?

Well I’ve got 5 reasons a laidback, professional branding shoot for your business is worth every penny;

1. Show your ideal customer the friendly face behind your business

Woman smiling behind sewing machine on business photo shoot

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business and it’s time to let the world see the real you!

Laidback brand photoshoots capture the personalities behind your stiff poses or forced smiles, just genuine moments that your audience will genuinely love to see.

Once your ideal customers see the real people behind your business they will really start to know, like and trust you which is what we all want as business owners!

Fitness instructor smiling during teaching a class in a laidback business photoshoot

BUT! You’re completely cringing at the thought of posing for pictures and would rather run a mile from the camera?! I get it, I really do!

Almost every person I photograph tells me they hate having their photograph taken before their shoot, so I make sure my shoots are relaxed, laid back and with no bossing.

All it needs is a chilled out, laid back hour or two hanging out with me and my camera, capturing you doing what you do…you will feel relaxed, at ease and best of all will get great storytelling pictures of you doing what you are great at to show your ideal customer the friendly face behind your business. From personal experience with my own business social media..if I get my mug out from behind the camera and onto the screen I end up with loads more engagement so it’s so worthwhile!

2. Create Piles of Quality Content

Women laughing and painting cups in a cafe on business photo shoot

Following just one business photoshoot you will come away with an absolute treasure trove of content for all of your marketing.

A super useful stash of varied, beautiful images you can go back to time and time again to use in your website, social media, print promo, emails, blogs…wherever you need them!

No more time wasted scrambling around for selfies and snapshots of your products on your phone..we will work together to get just what you need to fill those gaping gaps in your marketing.

3. Make a quality first impression

Chef taking plates of food from kitchen in cafe on business photo shoot

First impressions matter, especially online.

You most likely know the feeling you get if you visit a business’s website and it looks super polished and feel reassured that ‘this lot really know what they’re doing!’.

They come across as competent, committed, trustworthy and not just a bunch of fly by nights!

Having really strong images of you and your business will have a huge impact on the impression you give and make you really stand out from the makes  ALL the difference in our image saturated online world.

4. Show the Goods!

Close up of pizza on plate in pizzeria on business shoot

With a solid bank of creative images you can really show off your amazing products or services in all their glory!

In advance of your shoot we have a pre-shoot call where we can work together to figure out a plan of which of your products you would really like to showcase and collaborate on how best to show them all in a creative, beautiful way.

These images will all be super useful in all your marketing to show just how great what you are selling really is.

5. Tell your story

Florist putting bunch of flowers together in a shop on laidback business photo shoot

We’re all a bit nosey right? All love sneaking a peek behind the scenes into other peoples lives and their day to day comings and goings?!

With a laidback, professional business shoot you can offer a glimpse into what makes your business the cogs turn and who is expertly turning them!

I grab pictures of you doing what you are great at..whether that’s spinning a pizza or teaching burpees in a fitness class. These storytelling pictures are crucial in telling your audience the story of your business and building a connection. They are also perfect if you are a bit nervous in front of the camera as you’ll be so busy doing what you do, you’ll forget I’m there!


So if you’re ready to finally step your marketing up a level with a laidback creative branding shoot for your business, download my business photography brochure now and get the ball rolling. I’d love to help you show off how fabulous you and your business really are.

It’s so worth it!

Sonya put us at ease during the photoshoot and captured us looking so natural and relaxed. The photos far exceeded our expectations and I get emotional everytime I look at them! Sonya’s photos so beautifully capture our two year old girl and our lovely family moments. We will cherish them forever.

- Emma G