Family photograph of newborn baby

7 Ways to Prepare for a Family Photo shoot

1. Think; what are the things you really want to remember about this time?!

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  • Is it the super tight cuddles?
  • Is it all being together in a super special place that your family loves?
  • Is it cosy reading sessions?
  • Crazy running around together?
  • Favourite games?
  • Favourite teddies?

Let me know and I can help to try and capture these memories.

2. Think: are there are any special activities you love to do together?

Sonya Smith Photography

  • Painting?
  • Baking?
  • Climbing trees?

Planning a few activities for the photo shoot can be a great way to warm up any shy kids and also make for fantastic, natural, story telling pictures of you all just enjoying being together.

3. Involve the kids!

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If they are old enough, chat to the kids and get them excited for the photo shoot…let them know a photographer is coming to hang out with the family and you need help getting ready for it. You could ask;

  • What fun things do you think we could do?
  • Where could we go?
  • Can you think of any funny jokes that are guaranteed to make everyone laugh?!
  • Which of your favourite toys would you love to be in your photos?

4. Think; when are the kids usually at their best?

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As you all know, children are at their best when well rested and fed and this is absolutely true for photo shoots!

Have a think about what time of day your children are usually at their happiest and most active…generally after some sleep and food!

Mid morning works well for lots of children but if your child’s day has a different rhythm we can absolutely work around them.

5. Think; what should we wear?

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This is the question that I probably get asked the most and is totally understandable as no one wants to look daft in their family photos! I’ve written a little guide with some advice on choosing clothes for your photo shoot.

6. Stock up on tissues and snacks!

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If we are heading out of the home for the photos its always a good idea to take along some tissues and snacks in case of snotty noses and flagging kids!

7. Tidy up; but not too much!

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Do NOT think your home needs to look like a show home to make decent pictures!…in fact it is quite the opposite; it is all the tiny bits and bobs around your house that make it a home and so personal to you. These are the things that will bring back so many memories of life at this time in years to come.

But! It is worth having a quick clear around of any clutter that is more or less rubbish..piles of letters, old magazines, random take away menus..or maybe that is just my house?!

You made the kids feel so comfortable and us too. It was fun! It didn’t feel posed and the chat throughout kind of made us forget we were doing a photo shoot.

- Tom W