6 Tips on How to Prepare for a Mini Shoot

So, you’ve got a mini shoot coming up to capture your clan in all its unique wonderfulness?! Or maybe you’re thinking of booking one but aren’t sure if now is the right time?

Well the good news is there isn’t very much to do to prepare, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the most out of your shoot and for everything to go smoothly!

  1. Think about what you are going to wear;

You really don’t need to wear anything special for your mini shoot but do make sure you are going to be comfy and able to move around ok.

It’s a good idea to avoid big logos or writing as they are very distracting.

Similarly no big bulky bags or phones in pockets please as they don’t look great in photos.

With my timeless black & white minis, all the images will be monochrome so you don’t need to worry about what colours you are all wearing which is great!

For a few more ideas have a little read of my blog post with 7 Tips on what to wear for a family photo shoot

black and white image of mother and little boy sitting on a park bench

2. Involve the Kids!

If they are old enough, chat to the kids and get them excited for the photo shoot…let them know you are going to have some photos taken by a photographer in the park and you need their help getting ready for it. You could ask;

Can you think of any funny jokes that are guaranteed to make everyone laugh?!

What do you think we should all wear?

What funny stories could you tell the photographer?

Black and white image of baby with big brother and sister smiling and playing in a park

3. Think; When are the kids usually at their best?

As you all know, children are at their best when well rested and fed and this is absolutely true for photo shoots!

Have a think about what time of day your children are usually at their happiest and most active…generally after some sleep and food!

If you can, try and book a time slot when your kids are likely to be at their best.

Black and white image of boy jumping high off park bench

4. Check you know where you are going and when!

Once you are paid and booked onto a mini shoot, I send out details of when and where exactly we will meet for your mini shoot in advance of the day so you can make sure we don’t miss each other!

As slots are only 20 minutes with several through the day, it’s really important that we are all there on time as I won’t be able to go over on times and I really want to make sure every family gets their full 20 minute slot with me!

Two sisters hugging in park on sunny day black and white

5. Pack a little bag

Although there won’t be time to stop for drinks or snacks, it is worth bringing along a little bag to your mini shoot with a few ‘just in case’ bits;

Water bottles

Tissues/ wipes

Blanket for the family to sit on…not essential as I bring a blanket you are welcome to sit on, but if you have a special one you would like to be included in the shoot, please do bring it along.

Black and White image of mum kissing little daughter in the park

6.  Make sure everyone has been to the loo!

Sorry to sound like a mum here for the final tip, but please make sure everyone has been to the loo before you arrive. If we have to stop the shoot for toilet trips I won’t be able to add more time on at the end of your session unfortunately and I’d hate for anyone to miss out on time with me.

black and white image of mother, father and son. little boy pushing mum and laughing


I hope those tips have been helpful!

Keep your eye out for details of my mini shoots and when booking opens on my social media (Facebook or Instagram ) or pop to my main site to download a brochure and join my mailing list to be first to hear about upcoming shoots;

I had a really positive experience working with Sonya on our recent Scratch Night at the Lowry in our galleries. Sonya was very receptive to our brief and I was delighted with the pictures, which were turned around very quickly. The artists were also very pleased with the documentation. Thank you Sonya!

- Zoe Watson, Curator (Contemporary) at The Lowry, Salford