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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Book Me As Your Family Photographer

Whilst I absolutely love photographing families with all their unique little quirks and characters, not everybody is going to love having me as their family photographer and that’s the truth!

Choosing a photographer is a bit like choosing a pair of shoes..we need to be a good fit for each other and, quite simply, I don’t fit everybody’s feet! (it’s ok..I’ve come to terms with this and I really don’t want to squash anyone’s toes!).

When you’re inviting someone to hang out with the most precious people in your life and capture their small but special moments, you want to make sure you’ve got the right are some clues that I might not be the perfect photographer (or pair of shoes) for you.

1. You’re looking for ‘perfection’

Little boy and girl climbing on dad's back and laughing in the park on a sunny day

If you have a vision of everyone in your family looking immaculate, perfectly posed, and picture-ready at all times, I might not be the photographer for you!

My style is all about capturing the beauty in the candid, unposed moments that reflect the real you, even if that means a bit of messy hair or mismatched outfits. Pictures that capture the magic of now before you blink and it all changes again.

So, if you’re seeking a photographer who strives for flawless, magazine-style shots, my focus on the simple, slightly messy moments of real family life might not be your cup of tea.

2. You don’t appreciate having a laugh!

My photoshoots are laidback with plenty of laughs and chats and genuine moments of connection. There might be a few bad jokes or a few nursery rhymes for the tiny people..maybe a little silly dance if you’re really lucky (or unlucky?!)

Families almost always tell me afterwards that they’ve enjoyed their shoot and didn’t even feel like they were being photographed, just hanging out with a friend 🙂 You can read some of the kind words people have said about their photoshoots here:

If you’re looking for a more serious, formal atmosphere, my relaxed approach might not be what you’re after.

3. You prefer studio lights and backdrops

Although I have a background working in photography studios in the early part of my career and they can be a lot of fun, it isn’t something I have chosen for my family shoots now.

I love capturing families in their homes or favourite, special outdoor spots. When families look back on these images in years to come they will tell the story of this time in the life of your family and be filled with so much more meaning than any studio photos ever could.

I find the studio environment can be super intimidating for kids (and adults!) and can give everyone a bit of a ‘performance anxiety’ in a way that some snaps in your kitchen never would!

So, if you love the idea of a more controlled studio photoshoot with the lights and backdrops, then best not to book me as your family photographer!

4. You want to be bossed about by your photographer!

mum, dad and two sons laughing on the grass in a park


Although I may give some gentle guidance in a family shoot to suggest where to sit or maybe to request you all squeeze up close together..I’m never going to boss you or your family around!

Before my shoots, families answer a few simple questions to help me to get to know you a bit better and I always ask if there are any ‘must have’ shots you would like to get (often one of the whole gang together) and I will always endeavour to get these in as pain free a way as possible, with no bossing!

BUT, if you’re looking for a photographer to direct every pose and moment, you might find my relaxed approach a bit too, well, relaxed!

To read my suggestions of how to prepare for a family shoot, read my blog post: 7 ways to prepare for a family photo shoot

5. You Don’t Value Small Everyday Moments

Mum tickling little girl and laughing on sofa at home

If you don’t see the beauty in the everyday, the simple moments of joy, and the connections that happen naturally in your day-to-day life, I might not be the right fit for you and your family!

Capturing you cuddling up reading a book in a favourite cosy corner, haring around the park or dancing in the kitchen fixes the memories of this magic time in frames. The tiny things that are actually the massive things and will mean so much more in years to come than everyone grinning awkwardly at the camera. That is what I want to capture for your family.

So to sum it up..if you’re looking for a family photographer who’s all about posed perfection, studio setups, and a more formal approach, then you shouldn’t book me!

However, if you embrace the beauty of the everyday, value authentic connections, and appreciate a relaxed, laidback photography experience filled with genuine laughter and joy, then we’re a perfect match! 📸💕

Remember, the most important thing is finding a photographer who fits (like that comfy pair of shoes!). Whether it’s me or someone else, I want you to have a photography experience that feels right for you and your family.

If you think I’m the right fit for your family, I would love to come and hang out with your to capture the magic in your clan before you blink and everything changes again!

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(Photo of me by the wonderful and very lovely Nicola Arber: )

Thank you Sonya for giving us a great experience, while providing us with a collection of some amazing pictures from a different perspective and eye that were only possible with your involvement.

- William – Mano a Bocca, Pizzeria, Sale